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Airless paint spraying is fast becoming the preferred decorating choice for clients and is suitable for a multitude of surfaces. It has become more popular than other traditional ways of re-coating a surface such as hand brush painting or using a roller because it has so many advantages.

  • Large expanses can be covered more efficiently, therefore perfect for rough textured external surfaces, roofs, cladding, ceilings, walls and typically large areas.
  • Metal door and window frames have often been hand painted in the past, but airless spraying can be used on these smaller surfaces areas too.
  • Airless spraying doesn’t leave any brush marks unlike hand painting which can be unsightly.
  • The spray itself is fine and therefore leads to even layers when multiple coats are built up (rather than a thick uneven layer that is more likely to drip).
  • Airless paint spraying is a versatile technique suitable for use on a huge range of interior and exterior surfaces ranging from UPVC window frames to architectural metalwork.
  • Items can be sprayed in any colour and many different types of coatings can be used including metallic paints.
  • An airless painting system is portable and therefore perfect for on-site paint spraying anywhere and everywhere.